About us

Having young children, with their insatiable appetite for treats and sneaky-cheeky morsels of the things that we as adults once ourselves craved so badly, presents us with the blissful ability to re-live those fondest of fondant times. My own memories of Marshmallows from my childhood are of giant, fluffy and heaven light treats that melted into a decadent and gooey cream within a crisp and caramel layer of toasted skin. Made all the more delicious by the impatient wait for the Vesuvius like centre to cool past tongue and roof of mouth melting temperatures to be picked by sticky fingers off a twig with that delight of a most tactile consumption.

Living in Rural Wales gives us at Me.Mallow many occasions to gather our friends and family around the bonfire to share in good company. Simultaneously it provides us with the opportunity to concentrate on perfecting the subtle art of confectionary making. With each licked finger and darkened stick-end we take another step along the road to Marshmallow perfection. The primary taste testers (currently aged 7 and 4) are blissfully unaware of the vital role they play in the refining of our flagship product. As they are also unknowing of their inspiration in the name of the business. M is the 7 and E is the 4.

M and E both adore the toasting and eating and eating and melting and eating and toasting and eating and eating of marshmallow and it was through this that the Me.Mallow marshmallow was created.