Our Mallow

We pride ourselves on being traditionalists and striving to make the best toasting Marshmallows around. We make our silky smooth and soft marshmallows with only 6 main ingredients; sugar, water, organic vanilla paste, cornflour, leaf gelatine and organic agave nectar.

Each hand packed bag of mallows contains a net weight of 150g which usually works out at around 12 jumbo blocks of mallow. The packaging itself is made from 100% recycled paper, is fully compostable and of course designed to scrunch up in a ball and throw on the fire.

We also offer a number of catering sized ‘bonfire boxes’ for gatherings big and small. alternatively you can contact us for your next party or event.

Hot Chocolate

We are also able to offer our own blend of Hot Chocolate as a perfect accompaniment to melt our mallows. Taking inspiration from the many Hot Chocolate stalls in the Mercado’s of Oaxaca we blend finest 70% cocoa Belgian chocolate with rich demerara and a hint of cinnamon for a real hug in a mug.

CamP Fire Kit

Looking for a bespoke gift? Featuring a pack of our decadent Me.Mallow marshmallows, a bag of our Mexican style hot chocolate, and an old school enamel camp mug. This understated gift box is perfect for anyone with a heartbeat.