Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make your Marshmallow?

Magic! Seriously though a batch of marshmallow takes around 7 hours to make. A 'batch’ you say? As we are a small, independent business we hand-make our products in small quantities. This gives us proper control over the consistency and overall quality of our product. The finest ingredients, locally sourced, and organic where possible are combined into a syrup before the ingredients are whipped to cloud like perfection. Once the marshmallow is set it is carefully cut and dusted in confectionery sugar for a beautiful brulee finish when toasted or subtle crunch when eaten au naturale.

Are your Marshmallows VegAN?

Sorry, currently our marshmallows are not vegan or vegetarian friendly. We have experimented with vegetarian and vegan gelatines but we are unhappy with the texture of the final product. Never say never though. We’ll keep trying…

How should i store my marshmallows?

In an airtight container. Somewhere dry and cool. Do not refrigerate.

How Long will our marshmallows last?

To be honest, not many people ask us this. Once they have their product it tends to be enjoyed almost immediately. However, our marshmallows are often bought as gifts. In this case (or if you are rationing a marshmallow or two for your hug in a mug hot chocolate before bed) our marshmallows should keep for a few months if stored correctly. As we think they’re best enjoyed fresh we have a suggested best before date of 6 weeks.

What is in our Marshmallows?

We pride ourselves on being traditionalists and striving to make the best toasting mallows around. We make our silky smooth and soft marshmallows with only 6 main ingredients; sugar, water, organic vanilla paste, cornflour, leaf gelatine and organic agave nectar.


Do you cater for events?

Yes! We’d love to cater for your upcoming event. We can supply you with a large catering DIY box or come to your event with our own fire pit ready for a party!* Anything from small gatherings to weddings, you name it. Get in touch here and let’s chat.

 *Fire pit available for outdoor events only.